Night Owl

The pretty white snow speckled kind. Because I’ve always loved those. And they remind me of one of my favorite movies of all time: Labyrinth. David Bowie in over the top 80s hair and makeup? I’ll take it any time of day, baby. Plus, the ballroom masquerade scene is one of my favorite in movie history. “Such a sad love, deep in your eyes a kind of pale joy, opened and closed within your eyes...” Ok, I’ll stop. But that song rocks and YES I do own the soundtrack. 😉

Anyway, on a more related note, I realized today that I’m a night blogger. Unlike most of my blog friends (hey ladies!). Most people blog early to mid day. While I tend to do night blogs about what happened my whole day. It’s not a bad thing, I just always feel like I’m a day behind!!! So here’s the scoop.

I sang on Saturday. It was a sassy little song called Chivas by Kelly Clarkson. I sang it with a guitarist who did a really great job playing it for me. So we did a fun acoustic jazzy little bit. And although everyone was impressed… they also teased my husband mercilessly about how I rather drink alcohol than be with him. LOL Poor baby. I put him in such awkward scenarios.

Sunday some friends and I went up to do some stuff in upstate NY. Then we hit the Olive Garden for dinner. We were the loudest most obnoxious group. I felt bad for the people around us. We were not having proper dinner conversations. *blush* But it didn’t make it any less funny. I did, however write a scene for my long lost WIP, Zerah. A pretty good scene too. Which leads me to believe I’m ready to go back to it, as soon as I end this WIP for Freya’s Bower. Which has to happen soon, btw. I’m sooo done lingering.

Today, my lovely Monday, I went to the gym and enjoyed my day off. So now it’s time to finish cleaning and get to work on my WIP. 😀 Hope you’re all enjoying the week’s beginning. *smooches*

9 responses to “Night Owl

  1. I enjoyed that movie too. I haven’t seen it for awhile. I should queue it up on Netflix.

    When I was more regular on blogs, I was always the last person to know what was up! My work schedule keeps me out until 11 EST most days. It is late.

  2. I am comment-simple. I never even realize I’ve got them until days go by, and WordPress is like, “UM HELLO OKAY?!” 😉 But then I enjoy reading them all crazy-like, haha. Thank youuu

  3. Okay, well. There was a second part to that comment, and it didn’t post. Hm. I was saying that I am SO with you on the ballroom scene from Labyrinth — it’s amazing! Even with her insane hairdo and David Bowie’s general creepiness. (Tights? Really??) Haha

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