Almost Friday

It’s snowing outside. A LOT. In fact, it’s been snowing since 10am. It’s cold but it feels good. A good night to crawl up with some hot chocolate. I should do some writing tonight, however, I’ve been plotting/arranging scenes so I did get SOME stuff done. And I’m feeling a little sluggish, so I need a good night’s sleep, or I won’t be able to function.

Work got out early today because of the bad weather. Not early enough for me to go home early… but early enough that the closer only stayed about 2-3 hours. I learned a thing or two about closing, which was nice. 😀 I’ve never seen it done before. Corny, maybe, but I liked it. Ha ha.

*EDIT* I’ve been writing this entry for the past like thirty minutes or so. I opened my notebook to tell my friend about my scene outlines, etc. Looking at the bits of dialogue inspired me. So, I’ve been writing. Ha ha. Sorry. My A.D.D. distracts me.

Read any good books lately? I’m itching for a new read. I’ve been reading lots of YA, particularly fantasy/sci-fi stuff. I think my new story idea is going to be considered YA, so I’ve been trying to do research to get a sense of what’s out there and what’s allowable. Not that I don’t love it. YA is fresh and exciting to read. Unlike Adult Romance, there’s something reckless about it. Youth? Freedom? Not sure. But I really like it. I think I might do well in a genre like that. It’s a thought.

By the way, while googling myself, *ha ha, that sounds so dirty* I found a review for Cinematic Royalty that I’d missed!! It’s from TwoLips Reviews. I got four out of five lips! *yay*

Cinematic Royalty is a wonderful tale… I fell in love with this book and highly recommend it!”

If you’re curious about the rest, check it out: here. It’s my third review so far. It’s hard to believe people out in the big bad world are actually READING my story. 😀 Surreal and amazing.
Happy Thursday peeps!

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