I’m always stunned when an actor can capture a person’s depth so thoroughly. The little nuances, complications that take a character from two dimensional to well rounded. While doing my blog rounds I came across a blog about Moonlight, over at one of my favorite hangouts, the Midnight Moon Cafe. It’s one of those shows I constantly forget about, but when I watch it, I’m drawn in, each and every time!

The last episode I saw, Fever, nearly did me in. Mick, sick from being in the sunlight all day, desperate to feed. Then suddenly… Beth offers herself. *shivers.* Such a sexy scene, intimate, without being sexual. In that way that secrets are, between two people who want each other but know they can’t be together, who don’t let themselves. The final scene was amazing.

So, suddenly, I wanted to see more. I’d been a while. I was sort of hungry for Mick St. John. Alex O’Loughlin plays him so well. A perfect mixture of vulnerability, hidden beneath cool confidence and forced detachment. But whenever Beth is around… despite how cool he acts, he can’t hide the way his eyes look at her. That need, that desire, that softness. She softens him beautifully and he’s all the more gorgeous for it. Alex plays that so smoothly, it’s all one and the same with Mick’s characters. It never seems out of character for the cool, sexy vampire to suddenly give her that shimmering smile. Like she’s the only thing that matters. That’s ever mattered.

I missed this episode, but this little preview of the major events was just what I needed to get me hooked again. Have a little taste of Moonlight. Look at the final scene here, where Beth goes up the stairs. The look on Mick’s face. Goodness, Alex can do no wrong in my eyes. The man is just gorgeous.


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