Snowed In

What a relaxing Sunday. After last night’s nor-easter which really became more of a snow/sleet storm, hubby and I spent the day at home. I was able to *gasp* sleep in until nearly 1:30pm. Ha ha. I’m such a lazy bum, I know. But I feel so much better after sleeping.

Then again, last night I went to bed ridiculously late trying to work on my WIP for Freya’s. It’s probably why I needed that much sleep. It’s coming along. I’m currently at 33k. However, it’s being stubborn. It’s so close to completion but it never gets there. I feel like it’s dragging, which in turn is making me crazy. I’m desperate to finish. The deadline is looming and I feel like I’m drowning the closer I get to it. *sigh* I hope I get this done in time.  I’ve been killing myself trying to work on it.

It’s already getting late tonight and I’m going to have to wake up early for work tomorrow. But I figured I’d come in here and say hello to everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Image by: Robert G Woodring.

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