A Few of My Favorite Things

Things That Make Me Jolly:

  1. Dinner with Friends.
  2. Going to the Movies
  3. Late Night Sleep Overs (that involve wine and lots of laughs).
  4. Alone Time with the Hubster (watching Wedding Singer and playing Rummy, ha ha)
  5. Watching A Christmas Story (it never stops being funny. “You’ll shoot your eye out!”)

Things that Make me Feel Non-Jolly (or ready to pull out my hair)

  1. Crazed shoppers (who don’t think twice about bodily harm in order to grab a gift someone might return anyway).
  2. The Gift Card Fiasco- (as it will forever be known). EVERYONE and their mother came into work today to use their gift cards. That’s usually not a problem, except half of them had STARBUCKS gift cards. We are a B&N Cafe. We DONT accept Starbucks giftcards. Sheesh. If I had to say that one more time today, I thought I’d pop a capillary.
  3. Cranky Days when NOTHING goes right. (See also, Today. *le sigh*)
  4. Working on a Deadline with a story that won’t cooperate. (*loses a second capillary*)

I think it’s a good sign that the positives outweigh the negatives. It means I haven’t succumbed to the dark cynical anger that bites at me this time of year. Not yet anyway. There’s still a little bit of merriment left in my heart. 😉 Ha ha.

I hope you all enjoyed your families and friends. I know I’m thankful for mine.

You know what? Add one more thing to my Jolly list.

  • The people I work with. I really love my job. And the people I work with make it a great place to be. Thanks guys. (Melissa, I know you might be reading this, so just know that this especially includes you. Thanks for today. Sorry I was such a grouch. Ha ha) *HUGS*

2 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Two things:
    A) AWE. You were so not a grouch! I felt so badly for you and Shannon… Silly, stupid, grouchy customers. “Are you guys okay? Do I have to throw down?!” 😉 You guys are the best.

    B) I have a really pressing question for you, okay? Are you ready? Ready? …. Are you or were you at any point a Boyz II Men fan? Because I’m betting that the answer is “yes,” further establishing our roles as kindred spirits. lol

  2. Well now, Melissa… HOW DID YOU KNOW!? Ha ha! Of course I was a Boys II Men fan! In fact, my hubby danced to “Momma” with his Momdukes at our wedding! And my karaoke song of choice, when I first started to really belt it out, was Water Runs Dry! Ha ha. How weird. Kindred spirits, indeed. 🙂

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