Lucky Me

So after a somewhat productive writing night Saturday, I turned off the computer at say, 2am to crawl into bed. I knew I had all day Sunday and then Monday AND Tuesday to finish this WIP. I was psyched!! Making great time. The thought crossed my mind for a brief second: I can actually do this! In an alternately perfect world, I wrote like a fiend Sunday, got to bed late, woke up at about 2pm on Monday, wrote a bit more, and by midnight I was finished! RIGHT ON TIME for my deadline!

This, however, is not a perfect world. When will I learn that things just don’t work that way? *shakes head* So here’s the real story. After I hit the hay Saturday night, I felt strange. Had some really sharp stomach pains that stretched up to the bottom of my chest. I figured it was lack of sleep. It’d been three days since I really snoozed properly. So, I was looking forward to bed. Ha! Yea, right. I was up about two hours later, in the bathroom, my head flung over the toilet like I’d just had one too many margaritas. Let’s just say I sat on the bathroom floor for the rest of the morning. I saw the sun rise through the living room window. Hubby was great. He came and spoke to me, tried to keep me distracted. Brought me water to prevent dehydration, although I hardly sipped it. In the end, we both fell asleep for a little while, him sprawled out in front of the bathroom, me on the bathroom floor. Romantic, huh? 😉

As you can probably imagine, there went my Sunday. I spent most of the day between sleeping and dry heaving, since my stomach was nice and empty by this point. It took absolutely all my strength. In fact, my neck and shoulders still hurt. Who knew vomiting required so much physical exertion?

So, to put things plainly, my deadline is tomorrow and of course, I’M NOT DONE. Ha ha. And isn’t that just typical. Which means I have to get to it. I’m trying to think positive. Maybe I just lost like 5lbs. *shrugs* It’d be a good way to start the new year.

4 responses to “Lucky Me

  1. Ah I hope you feel better! There is nothing worse than having a stomach bug. I’m just twisted enough to think when this happens to me, “Well, at least I lost a couple of pounds.” Gotta look at the bright side!!!

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Ah! That’s so weird! My parents had the same exact thing happen to both of them yesterday (I stayed far away from the house, for sure), and I heard a few people saying they were sick over the weekend, as well. Even my DOG is stomach-sick… Grr @ Wintertime.

    Glad you’re feeling better… Good luck today & happy new year!

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