2007 Year Roundup

I saw this done over at Romance Divas and couldn’t help myself. I think I owe it to 2007 to talk about the type of year that it was. So let’s see. Writing wise:

  1. Submitted a novella to a publisher on a whim (more so threat of bodily harm by my loving CP). My first submission. On a novella that was as unique as they come… completely not my style, one of those random muse amusement things.
  2. Novella accepted as part of submissions call. *holy crap*
  3. Months of editing make me gain an entirely NEW respect for writers. Editing is much much harder than writing. And it sucks.
  4. First e-book, Cinematic Royalty, released in September from Freya’s Bower.  *faints*
  5. Cinematic Royalty gets reviewed. Three times! *cries* The outcome is quite positive so far.
  6. Was asked to write a second story for the print release of CR!! OMG! Two stories to see print!
  7. Finished first Book of my fantasy series and realized it isn’t the ending at all… (figures, huh?) it’s only the first half, hence, the second half is now a work in progress.
  8. Picked up on my sci-fi/romance after rereading it on a lazy day and realizing it’s actually pretty good. (I love surprises like that).
  9. Finished the contracted story with a stomach flu, against impossible odds, at like 2:30am on New Year’s!!!! <— I’m really proud of that one.
  10. Queried three agents. Got rejected. Cried a little. Got back on the band wagon. Polishing up, tightening my writing. Who knows when luck will strike?

So all in all, 2007 was a pretty eventful year for me as a writer. It was full of highs and lows. Panic and elation. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience. Now, I believe instead of setting resolutions for the New Year (which we all know nobody keeps) I think I will set some positive goals.

  1. Finish the sci-fi romance. Have edited and ready for submission by February/March.
  2. Submit to one of two e-publishers I’m trying to target specifically.
  3. Get back to work on my fantasy story. Finally settle on the plot for Book 2. Finish it by the summer. Tighten book 1 and book 2. Send out to agents again. Play the wait/hold breath game.
  4. Give myself a break from the fantasy story so that I don’t want to wring my neck. Read more. Give new genres a try!
  5. Work on futuristic sci-fi that’s waiting in the wings.
  6. ~OR~ (man I love having options) Try hand at that fantasy YA I’ve been contemplating but terrified of. 😉

All in all, 2008 is looking to be a busy year.

7 responses to “2007 Year Roundup

  1. Isabelle, you rock! What a great list of accomplishments! 🙂 2008 is destined to be a good year for you. I have complete faith in that. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks ladies!!! *hugs and kisses to you all*

    This is going to be a great year for all of us. I’m really looking forward to it. And I’m so lucky to have people like you all to count as friends. :-*

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