Hit From a Distance…

…by an invisible shoe. That’s what it felt like anyway, when the muse struck me this afternoon. I sat at the computer desk, exhausted from a long day of work, trying to tidy up from the computer chair. Pick up sock, toss in hamper. *Twirl in chair.* Make piles in some semblance of order. *Twirl in chair.* Spray down bathroom with Clorox Cleanup. *Twirl in chair.* You get the drift. I felt like dead woman walking.

All in all, I wanted a nap. But, I’m having someone stay with me this weekend while her parents are away, so I didn’t want the place to be a disgusting mess. During my twirling, I tend to sort of blank out. You know, stare at the computer screen as though my brain fell out of my ears. I opened my old fantasy W.I.P. and stared at the two versions of it, trying to figure out which one I liked more.

I’m one of those writers who write about 4 versions of a story because I can’t decide which ‘what if‘ works best until I see it on paper. Sort of like those choose your own adventure books! Remember those?! Ha ha.

Anyway, just last night I was talking to my darling Lisa, and I was telling her how both versions had their strong points, but neither felt like they truly ‘hit’ the heart of the story. Well, I guess the muse heard my complaints. It hit me with such startling clarity, that I actually felt ridiculous for not seeing it sooner!  I knew who the villain HAD to be, not the man I kept trying to force into the position. I figured out why my hero wasn’t reading the way I needed him to, and the overall arc that will carry the series for about 5 books! *faints*

Needless to say, I ran into the kitchen screaming. Hubby thought I was going crazy. I babbled in one very long run-on sentence about how it makes so much sense now and how I was trying to force the story into a mold because people said it had to be so and so but that just doesn’t work for my characters and the only way to really close their story properly is to do A, B, and C. Ha ha. He stared at me blankly. Blinked a few times, before carefully nodding his head.

I then grinned and ran back into the living room to grab my notebook. I started to scribble down the overall story arc for the series. Each book’s major purpose as well the major storyline/couple (if it’s one of the major romantic story lines. There are two). Then, I started to contemplate the changes I would make to the already half written Book 2 (thankfully, Book 1 remains the same, since it is the ‘prologue’ of it all). I loved the beginning of it in the second draft, while I liked a certain major missing relationship element from draft one. So, I compromised, added the new twist, and voila! It works!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. There are no words. I was beginning to worry this story was going to be a problem. I began the overall outlining process. Scene by scene, as it plays in my head. I usually just jot down in a paragraph what’s going to happen. I’m about 10 scenes in for Book 2! Some I’d already written and need to be retouched, others are new and blend in perfectly. I can’t WAIT to start working on this. The weekend looks to be a bit jammed, but, if I get time, I’m going to just keep plotting before bed!

Yay! What a Friday treat! I hope you’re all having a great one!

One response to “Hit From a Distance…

  1. Oh my…congrats on your break through!!! That is HUGE!! *pom swish* Keep at it, dear! You’re on a roll!

    BTW, I too am a chair twirler. Only I think my chair has about twirled its last. 😛

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