Great Expectations

It’s Monday again. Doesn’t it feel like the weekends just fly by? Thankfully, I really got A LOT done this weekend. I’m feeling quite productive. My house looks great. It’s dusted, vacuumed, swept, mopped, etc. Dishes are done. Counters scrubbed. It’s nice, to see my house looking presentable again. Being on deadline meant nothing got done. Poor Chocolate Bear, he was probably ready to pull his hair out. I also told him I’d get better about cooking every day. That seemed to really perk him up. ha ha.

So I’m back to working on my fantasy WIP. After my epiphany (I love that word), I did a few rough sketches of the first few scenes and how they have to work in order for the book to head in the right direction. A lot of it is messy cut and paste, with a little rewriting as glue. I’ve got about 30k of one version already written, and another 14k of a second. I didn’t want to lose nearly 50k by starting from scratch. And some if it is really very good (if I may say so myself). Character wise, some of the scenes just shined. So, hopefully this technique will work and not blow up in my face.

I’ve also gone back to read Book 1, to get a better sense of what I was doing and to prove I was right in my sporadic moment of genius. Thus far, I was. 😉 Ha ha.

I hope you all have a productive, happy Monday!

One response to “Great Expectations

  1. Woot! Clean house – two words that are music to my ears… ^_^ Mine is in dire need of a thorough scrub down. Wanna come help? *crickets*

    Sounds like you are cookin’ on that fantasy novel. Keep with it, and don’t look back. *pom swish*

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