So, I’ve become pulled into the awesome world of fanmixes. What is a fanmix, you say? Ahhh, well, let me share the incredible magic of this form of fanatical expression.

A fanmix is like a mixtape, devoted to your favorite fandom. It can be about anything. A major character, a couple, an unconventional couple (not someone who ever hooked up in said movie, tv show, or book), a friendship, or even a particular episode or book from a series. 😀

I, being the music junkie that I am, find this whole concept to be deliciously addictive.

Livejournal has a great community for fanmixes. And I’ve seen a mix for just about everything you can imagine. Which of course, got me searching through my music archive for songs I could put together in some sort of fanmix. The mixes usually tell some sort of story. A progression of the story told, or some new story, from the mixer’s point of view.

I chose two of my characters in my fantasy series. They’re best friends, but he’s very much in love with her, and she’s very much in love with someone else. Ahhh… isn’t that what makes so much wonderfully angsty music? 😉

So I think, what I might just do, is make a little CD cover (in the tradition of all great fanmixes) and post it here in a few days, with the song title, artist name, and even a little lyric that tells you WHY it reminds me of this couple. It’ll be tons of fun. And maybe you all can make one and it’ll become a neat little meme.

Is it conceited that I’m making a fanmix of my own characters? Maybe. Do I care? Ha! Come on guys, you should know me better than this at this point in our relationship. 😉

3 responses to “Fan-isms

  1. My Oldest is doing this with a manga thing he is writing. *_* His old mother didn’t know a thing about this til you clued me in. *lol* I see how it could help to set the mood while writing if you used it like a kind of soundtrack. Neat!

  2. !!! I got to do that for two school projects… Once in 8th grade and once in 10th. I made soundtracks for a particular scene/series of scenes/etc for books we were reading. Fun!

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