Upside Down Day

I knew the moment I opened my eyes this morning that today wouldn’t go quite how I expected it to. Everything felt off kilter. I woke up rather later than usual. Despite feeling like I was dragging my feet, (and after an excruciatingly long shower that lasted until the hot water ran out), I somehow managed to still get to work early.

At that point, I’d convinced myself that I was dreaming. I mean, I had to be. It was snowing! I love the snow. And the store was virtually empty. The only person there was the manager who let me in. That NEVER happens. So, I nod. Ok, I’m definitely dreaming.

It doesn’t help that at this point a slow pressure has started in the back of my head pushing forward. Hours later this would blossom into a jackhammer against my sinuses. Headache, watery eyes, and overall exhaustion. Was that part of my dream too? Couldn’t I be healthy in my own dreams?!

Now, have you ever gotten the sense that something just isn’t right? That was me through most of my opening. Then I noticed why. All of the cafe signs were upside down. I blinked a few times, tried to make sense of it. Huh, I thought. What psychological significance does that have? When I pointed it out to the manager, he shook his head. Turns out, it wasn’t some insight into my psyche. It was a practical joke. And not even on me! I just happened to be on the receiving end. Grr… wonderful.

By noon I felt like I was swimming in my subconscious. I was allowed to go home. I’ve been lounging ever since but I think I’m about to go down for a nap. My eyes are too heavy to keep open. The last thing I want is for Chocolate Bear to get home and find me passed out over the computer desk. He’d have a complete conniption.

Now, as for Juno:

I think overall, it was a cute movie. Witty in all the right places, full of memorable side characters. Ellen Page is a great actress. She’s smart, and has good comedic timing. Her father, played by J.K. Simmons, really made me laugh. Not just because of the way he took the new about his daughter being pregnant, but because of the little jabs he’d throw in regarding how irresponsible she was. Granted, through it all he supported her and helped her, but it would just make me snicker when he’d say something totally offbeat. It was very endearing.

But I think, above all, Michael Cera’s character, Paulie Bleeker is who really won me over. He is a wonderfully refreshing hero. Adorable, a bit awkard, the boy you may have grown up next to, who’s always just sort of been your best friend. The kid you hang out with and watch movies with on Saturdays, who for whatever reason creeps under your skin. What I loved about him most was that there were no pretenses. He was exactly who he said he was and he was ok with it. Cera’s line delivery is brilliant! And just about every scene he was in, I smiled. Most times, laughed out loud, other times, sighed in contentment, because really, “Paulie Bleeker is totally boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni.”

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