Mrs. Sniffles

I’m wrapped up in warm clothes and sneezing a mile a minute. My shoulders hurt. I’m stuffed up and I’m starting to get that annoying red chafed look around my nose. I need Puffs Plus to soothe my little nogger. I believe I have contracted the flu virus. And I am none too happy about it. It’s my last day off this week from work. I have no idea whether I’ll have enough energy to pull myself out of bed tomorrow to go in. *sigh* Figures.

On the blogging front, it’s been awful quiet around here. Did you guys get sucked into the black hole known as the blogosphere? Come keep me company, will ya? I promise not to cough or sneeze on you. That’d just be rude. And… as an incentive, I may give you chocolates. Ha ha. Who says you can’t buy love?

3 responses to “Mrs. Sniffles

  1. Awww… sorry to hear you’re sick, chica. *sends you a sexy male nurse with some chicken soup*

    Yeah, I’ve not been around much since my computer isn’t working well. At the moment I don’t have the $$$ to fix it. So I rented this laptop from Rent-A-Center, and I’ve been trying to get by as best I can.

  2. Ah, no! Not the flu! So sorry you feel sick! 😦 Be careful with that mess, and promise you’ll take a trip to the doctor if you start feeling really, really bad. ((hugs))

  3. Cora, I promise if I start to feel really badly I’ll hit the Dr’s Office. Even though I hate it there. *sigh* They always tell me there’s nothing they can do. Rest and chicken soup. Maybe that male nurse Tempest sent my way will do the trick. Is he wearing only a cloth, with a gold torque around his arm and dark skin? Cause if he is… I say bring him on. LOL

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