Murphy's Law – Part 2

 I’m pretty sure I had a previous post with this title (hence the: part 2), which just proves that what I’m about to say is true.

I am a walking, talking disaster waiting to happen. Truly. I’m not even being hard on myself, it is just a simple fact. Let me illustrate.

My relaxing weekend began as well as can be expected. We went up to the Cape. I tried to stay awake, to be sociable. I was asleep before 9pm. I didn’t mind this really. I was so relaxed that I didn’t even hear the roar of the Xbox wars going on around me.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling a little ill. Like I might relapse into “The Flu” territory. I told my body that I refused to allow that. ESPECIALLY on vacation. So, I slept in, relaxed some more and really forced myself to just chill out. By the evening, I felt awesome. Sunday came and offered promises of one more blissful day, before I had to return to real life. We made a few dinner plans with the family. I was really looking forward to seeing 27 Dresses (I have a major girlcrush on Katherine Heigl).

Everything changed the moment the first snowflake fell.

Let’s just say that in the past three years, Cape Cod has seen two intense blizzards. BOTH of which have occurred when I’ve been visiting the state. Coincidence? I think not.  The trunk of my car still has the dent from the bushel of hay we tried to use to push the car out of the long driveway in 4-5 inch snow. *shakes head* If that wasn’t bad enough (which it was, we were stranded in the house, couldn’t leave the state and both Chocolate Bear and I had to call out of work), the ride home was even worse.

After accepting our fate, we had a really pleasant Monday and made the most of our final, unexpected vacation day. All packed up and ready to go we set out on the highway at around 8pm. Figured we’d lose rush hour traffic that way. Instead, we ended up overheated on the side of the highway in a dark, unlit area of Rhode Island, in the cold. For like two hours. *AAA and I are not on speaking terms right now.*

I got home at 3am, after our car was towed (it’s still in RI). And I still managed to go to work today and not die from utter exhaustion. I must have still been on a high from all the sugars I consumed at the Mobil gas station where I waited for my inlaws to come get us. Ha ha. At least the clerk was humorous. I felt like I’d walked into a deleted scene of the movie Clerks as he made the moves on the woman on the other end of his cell phone and tried to get her to come to dinner (which he proudly announced he cooked himself).

Either way, I’m back, trying to get my thoughts in order. Anyone know any tricks to avoid the bad luck that seems to follow me around?! 😉 I swear, you can’t write this stuff. Everyone would think it was over the top lies! Ha ha.

I’ve dropped by the blogosphere and left a few comments here or there. I’ll be back on my feet in no time.  Hope to catch up with you all!

2 responses to “Murphy's Law – Part 2

  1. I’d have been terrified getting snowed in like that, so extra kudos to you! It sounds like you and hubby handled it like troopers!

    Glad to hear you’re back home and all safe and sound. ((hugs)) 🙂

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