I just spent the last three and a half hours procrastinating something fierce. I made a little music video on my trial version of Sony Vegas 8. Because of my severe OCD I had to match up the clips to the baseline and I used an instrumental so that I could really play with editing. Even though my WIPs need serious editing… just not the kind I wanted to do. Ha ha. Awful, ain’t it? I think I’m just a little burned out. My vacation turned out to be a disaster and I’m ready for another one because the monotony of life is driving me up the wall. Eek.

I’ll have two more Book summary/reviews for 50 books a year coming up this weekend.  I seem to be on a historical fiction trip, though not the usual Regency kind that most go through. I think you’ll find some of the stuff I have to show you fascinating!

Now, it’s 1am, I’m tired, and I feel guilty cause I really should do some work on the projects. So I’ll work for a little while, an hour maybe, half an hour, in order to give myself a sense of accomplishment. Too bad I’ll be busy tomorrow or I’d make up for it then. I think Sunday is my only option, if I don’t get sucked into SuperBowl Madness!!!

Anyway, it’s Friday all! REJOICE! *does cabbage patch* I hope yours is splendiforous.

One response to “Yikes

  1. Look at those mad typing skillz! ^_^ Woot! Oh, and isn’t that just a fabulous book cover you have up? Very eye catching.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙂

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