I know, I know. I’m a bad blogger! What can I say? I fell asleep today at about 4pm when I got home from work and I woke up at about 10pm. I then proceeded to cook dinner (I hear you laughing at me). It’s not about 1:53am. I’m nearly half asleep still so I think I may just go pass out in a few seconds, but I didn’t want to disappear without letting you guys know I’m still around and alive (somewhat).  Just swamped. I’m doing edits/rewrites on a story, as well as figuring out my ever-changing, epic, going to drive me up the wall fantasy series I’m always talking about. I love those character to death, but I swear they’ll be the death of me!

On that note, I will use this time to praise my wonderful CP, Miranda Heart, and express all of my love and devotion and promises to serve her for eternity (or at least a long, long time)! Never before has any one person truly understood the way my strange, demented thought process works (except for my Chocolate Bear, but it doesn’t apply to my creative stuff, just my other weird, every day stuff). Anyway, Miranda always manages to ask the right questions and to get me to think. Really think. I love talking to her, just in general, because I feel that we’re such polar opposites that we really are drawn to each other and complement each other well. I get excited about her projects, and I feel she gets excited about mine. It’s a wonderful partnership and I’m so grateful to have her. *smooches to you Miranda*

Thanks to a 3 hour convo Sunday night, which resulted in me getting about 3 hours of sleep before opening at 7am at my job, I was hit across the head with my hero’s motivation. Her questions must have seeped through my mind as I slept. I wrote it down, thrilled to have it make so much sense and be so clear when many times, what these characters do is a frustrating mystery. So yay for that! Ha ha.

Tomorrow I will post another book review. I meant to do it today, but well, revert back to paragraph one for my excuse. 😉

Oh, and I wrote a short story and submitted it to the uber cool new magazine released by Drollerie PressScattered Things is definitely worth a look! They’ve got some amazing talent going on over there.

With that, I bid thee all a good night!

One response to “Argh

  1. Awwwww you’re too kind. If you didn’t write like a poet, you wouldn’t be so easy to figure out. HUGS and smooches back. On days like today I really need to hear that there are folks out there that find me special. NOw hurry up and write me something. hehehehe

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