Simple Amusements

Most people have an aversion to research. Naturally, since it can be a lot of work. But there are times when research presents a pleasant little gem. Tonight, while trying to get my mind back into the correct time frame for my edits, I went searching YouTube for some clips  of the era. I wanted to jump right back into the pop culture: dialogue, attitude, proper attitudes and such.

I was pleased to find The Philadelphia Story, at Miranda Heart’s suggestion. Not only did I jump right back into the witty reparte of the times, I even laughed out loud in some parts. Katherine Hepburn is pure magic in this film. “My legs are made of clay, made of clay. Good night little boy!” Ha ha. Needless to say I got sidetracked with the film, did very little editing. Either way though, it reminded me of what really shines in those kind of stories. Here’s hoping I’ll get some good mojo from it.

50 Books a Year: Book  4

Ophelia by Lisa Klein

I am absolutely obsessed with Shakespeare. As an actress and a writer, I can appreciate his plays for the genius in character development that they presented. His people leap off the page. Hamlet, has always fascinated me because of the terribly dark undertones of madness. Such twisted forms of betrayal and violence. Could the Royal family of Denmark be any less appealing? They were the ultimate dysfunctional family. So much so that at times I found very little redeeming about them. I found myself feeling that they all deserved what came to them. Awful, I know.

Lisa Klein, however, managed to change my mind. I find that feat to be very impressive. She created a lush and true world and placed the characters at its center. I believed every moment she presented. The characterization never veered so much that I thought, well that’s not what Shakespeare intended. Quite the contrary, I saw it play out in my mind’s eye as the scenes that Shakespeare himself never wrote, the back story so to speak. Deleted scenes. Ophelia answered so many questions that I had during the play. It added so much depth to what had already been created. And the romance that’s only hinted at between Hamlet and Ophelia is fully fleshed out in a believable and even fascinating fashion. In the end, I found this read to be delightful. It gets a solid: A.

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