Know When to Fold Them

I’ve been working on some rewrites/edits for about two days on my lighthearted murder mystery. I managed to get the first chapter in some semblance of order, unfortunately, chapter two proved much more difficult. So much so in fact, that I still dread looking at it.So I’ve given myself permission to work on another project. Not any of the other important WIPs that I have going on (I know, really?) but an old piece that I planned to rework and rewrite one day. I started it a while ago, really liked it, and vowed to return. Of course I got sidetracked, but now, with a little time and creativity on my hands, I’ve gotten straight through 6 chapters. 😀 I really love the story. I’m hoping that the reprieve from my edits/rewrites, will give me some time to ponder it all, to really get my creative thoughts in order.

How about you? What are you working on? What do you do when you get stuck or feel like you’ve just had enough? Do you take a break? Read? Write? Watch a movie? Share!

2 responses to “Know When to Fold Them

  1. Congrats on those 6 chapters! *rah rah* *pom swish* Woot! I’m still working on BB&C…actually today I’ve been nursing such a sinus headache I haven’t done much.

    Hm…I usually read when I get boggged down. On a rare occassion, I’ll watch a movie. Either way, I put the wip away and only do a little freewriting if I feel I must write.

    I’m not sure what it is, but something about reading someone elses “voice” seems to work for me.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Thank you Cora! 😀 Your pom poms always make me feel better. Ha ha.

    I tend to read too. Other people’s writing inspires me.

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