The Fever

Thanks to PBS running the Jane Austen season, I have once again been reminded why I love that woman’s writing so much. She’s so wonderfully perceptive when it comes to how human beings react and interact. Her stories are heartrending and funny. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read all of them, only the most popular ones. So, I’m definitely in line to get the collection. Along with Jane Eyre, who my darling Lisa keeps telling me is one of the best books she’s ever read. How could I not get it after a statement like that?!

So, I have today off of work (*yay*). I have a lot of chores and housewife things to do, but I hope to get 1k written on my WIP as well. Wish me luck, ok?!

OH! And the progress meter widgets! Tempest, my darling, I have provided a link to the plugin area, and a link to where you can get the regular HTML of it as well!

HERE for HTML version of meters. HERE for plugin/widget of progress meters!

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