A Vibrant, Silver Lining

Well, all in all, this week has been… interesting long. It isn’t Friday yet, granted. It’s about an hour and a half away at this point. BUT, I believe I’ve gotten enough of the week in to make this judgment.

Where to begin? First things first, I suppose. My darling Chocolate Bear was terribly sick last week. Bronchitis, poor baby. It had him down for nearly the whole week. I tended to him best I could. Between keeping up with him, going to work, (finding rides for work, since we still don’t have a car), and getting my own writing/sleeping in, I reached burnout mode pretty quick. Were my life a video game, I’d be the character in the corner, her hair a pathetic mass of un-brushed curls, her eyes wide and terrifying. Don’t forget the creepy, bluish-purple circles beneath them. In real life, however, I think I’m pretty well put together, except for being tired all the time. Which, more sleep would remedy. This writing business is going to be the death of me. 😉

Anyway, I digress. Back to the week. I resorted to sleeping on the couch. I guess I figured I wouldn’t catch what Hubby Bear has, hence I’d be able to keep my life neatly juggled in the air. *pregnant pause* Will someone explain to me why self-exile was my answer? The couch is so NOT a comfortable place to sleep. *Weird lawyer voice speaks in the back of my mind* Isabelle, you have a pullout bed in the couch. *I groan* Shut up, voice. That’s beside the point. They don’t need to know I’ve been dragging myself to bed at like 3-4am, too exhausted to pull it out.

On top of all of this, I worked a 9 hour shift at work today, my legs feel a little rubbery, and I have to work again tomorrow (although 5 hours ain’t so bad). While considering that this might be the worse of my troubles, I walk past our old car, for sale (for parts, mostly, since it doesn’t run) and realize that the back left window looks like it’s got a million spiderwebs on it. I gasp. Looks like someone either threw something at it or a rock ricocheted and turned it into a thousand tiny pieces of glass waiting to shatter. *sigh*

So, what, you ask yourself, is that silver lining the title of this post is talking about? Two things, actually. One– I wrote the prologue to this story I’ve had in my head since November. During NaNo, when I was on a race against time to write a different story under contract, this one conveniently placed itself in my line of sight. (Of course, typical fickle muse).  I pushed it away, ignored it, but everyday it got more vivid. I started to jot down some pointers. That grew to looking through names. That grew to physical descriptions. Soon, I was far too distracted and not making my wordcount. Needless to say, I didn’t win Nano. But this story has stuck with me since then, even though I refused to touch it.

I went through several possible versions of a beginning. None of them ever felt right. And I also knew I couldn’t start it with the first time they meet, because I felt it incredibly important that we saw how the heroine ended up,  before we met who she used to be. So… yesterday, while in the shower (I swear, that place is a magical idea box), I was struck with the beginning. Not what I envisioned, not what I’d wanted, but so perfect for the characters. I started to write it and VOILA! We’re off…! 😀

On top of that, tonight, I do a quick Google search only to find a new review for Cinematic Royalty! *faints* No way!  It made me pretty giddy. After a week like this one, I didn’t realize how much I felt I needed validation as a writer. You can read all of it here. My favorite line:

If it were available in print, it would have a spot on my bookshelf.

Should I write to her and tell her it will be? Ha ha. 😉 If I can get these edits done for the second story to join it in its print version.  Which is my exit music. *bows*  I’ve got a new burst of energy to work on them tonight, thank goodness. Wish me luck.

3 responses to “A Vibrant, Silver Lining

  1. I hope your CBear gets to feeling better soon, and that you don’t catch the ick. 😦 Hopefully you’ll be able to catch up on your rest soon.

    On another note… how about that awesome review! Woot! 🙂 Huge congrats, girl! *dance, dance* *pom swish*

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