Head Gnomes, etc.

Spent most of the weekend trying to rid myself of a killer migraine. Didn’t work much, so now I’m sort of numbed to the hum behind my eyes. I’ve spoken of the head gnomes before haven’t I? They live in my brain and are generally well behaved, but sometimes, for no reason whatsoever, they get it in their minds that my brain contains gems and so they begin mining with those pointy ax looking things. That of course gives me a dreadful headache. I tell them to hush,  but they tell me they have to find the diamonds and rubies and sapphires inside my brain. *shakes head* Foolish little gnomes.

In the end, I’m sure you can imagine how impossible it is for me to do much of anything, including think. So, my edits, which need to be done BADLY, ended up slightly butchered. :- I’m afraid to even look at them for fear of what I wrote. It’s going to be some weird possessed version of the original story. Ha ha.

On a positive note, I ordered business cards and magnets! YAY! I’m really excited about that. I’ll give a few away in a little contest as soon as they come in! Now if I can only make bookmarks. Hmm….

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