Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Humorous Pictures

moar humorous pics

I’m in a classical mood tonight. Not sure why, but I’ve been jamming the instrumentals, classical, and new wave tracks all day. They stir up my emotions and get me all excited. *secret* I think I may love them a little more than regular (lyrical) music. You can express so much in the tone of an instrument, the melody, the tempo. It can make you want to dance, smile, cry, or even feel wispy and dreamy! It’s amazing! And it’s great writing music, mostly because there’s music available for action scenes, love scenes, and tracks available for ‘masquerades/balls’! Which I’m obsessed with. 😉 I vow to make it to a conference just to attend one of their costume balls. Ha, ha!

On another note, my cat is insane. He sleeps near my feet at the end of the bed (which is adorable). But he’s so silly. He falls off, into the crease between the bed and the wall! So much for graceful, huh? I took a billion pictures of him on my cell phone like a proud mama. He’s going to be my screensaver. And I’ll show him off to anyone who’s around everytime I open my phone. He’s just too cute. He actually wakes up really early in the mornings and waits at the doorway until the alarm goes off. Then he starts to meow cause he knows it means ‘good morning!’ and he gets fed! Ha ha. I think it’s so considerate he waits until the alarm goes off. And so insightful of him too! I gots meez a smaht keety.

I hope you’re all having an awesome Hump Day!

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