Remakes and Sequels

While watching Labyrinth today, one of my favorite movies of all time, I found myself thinking about what it would be like to remake it. With the CGI effects available nowadays, they could do some absolutely brilliant things with those puppets. The labyrinth would look even more real, and that really neat staircase scene at the end would be absolutely trippy!! Either way, it really does an amazing job transcending the viewer to an imaginary world.

Still, it leaves many questions and many interpretations to what actually happened. Was it all a dream? Was the labyrinth a real place? Was it a representation of Sara’s thoughts and fantasies? Was Jareth real? Did he take Toby because she asked him to or because he had a bigger plan? Why did he want her to stay? If she had succumbed to the fantasy in the masquerade bubble, would she have become the Goblin Queen? Is that what he wanted?! Ok, I’m totally betraying my geekiness here,  but I can’t help but wonder. It’s one of those movies that has a million interpretations and because of this I can’t help  but wish for a sequel. Jennifer Connelly is all grown up. Could you imagine the tension between she and Bowie nowadays?! HA HA. That’d be insane!

Either way, the point of this blabbering post is this: Into the Labyrinth.  A fascinating in depth look at the symbolism, imagery, etc of the show. Check it out!

2 responses to “Remakes and Sequels

  1. It’s been a long time since I watched this movie I might have to rent it again to remember. I tend to like the originals better then re-makes but you might have a point with the puppets… Will ponder.
    PS You’ve been tagged!

  2. Hm… I was think the same for movies like “Dark Crystal.” Heh! As for “Labyrinth,” I think nowadays the F/X department might pulled something visually good for that movie. However, who would play the character that David Bowie did? *wg*

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