For those of you who frequent my blog, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a bit distant lately. A plethora of meme’s. A random picture here and there. Nothing truly substantial. In case you’ve been wondering what the dilly-o is, I’m here to lay my cards on the table.

I suppose the best place to start is by saying thank you to those of you who’ve stopped in even though it’s been generally quiet around here. I’ve suffered from what I call A.B.O.S. And no, it has nothing to do with body odor. It’s Author Burn-Out Syndrome. As a newbie author, I think I’ve absolutely taken for granted how important it is to rest and take breaks from your writing.

Writing is a difficult business. It involves so much of ourselves, even when we don’t realize it. It seems so effortless most of the time (I mean other than issues with plots, or characters, or conflicts, or world building, or … well you name it). Overall, writing is a real joy. But it drains your soul. I mean think about all of the emotion you put into writing. Think of all the brain power you use. And if you’re like me, and you work another job other than writing, then you know how draining it can be to sit and write when you’ve worked for xx hours.

For the past two weeks, I’ve sworn off my WIPs. I was nearing that maniacal point where I just wanted to set fire to stuff. That’s when I knew it was time to take a step back. Those black moods that overtake me when it comes to writing just have to be ridden through. Like a wave. If I don’t it’ll drown me. So that’s why I haven’t been very productive blogwise either. I’ve been staying off of the computer overall, in order to avoid the lure of opening stuff up and messing with it. Because really, I’d only ruin it. Purposely. I get all sorts of evil when I’m like that.

Thankfully, I think I’m reaching the end of the dark wave. My muse made a pleasant return today. Slight, a bit hesitant, but she most certainly sat beside me and held my hand and told me we would be ok. She may be a fickle plot-jumping whore, but, I believe her when she says stuff like that. She’s never been much of a liar.

I’m also really glad to announce that according to Drollerie Press’ blog, it’s Read an E-book Week! Who knew? *I’m always in the dark, so I most certainly didn’t* Go out there and support fellow e-pubbed authors. Buy an e-book. Buy a gift certificate for someone to an e-publisher who’s never tried it before! Show them that there’s some amazing, quality fiction available online that sooo many people are missing out on! Try a new author! A new genre! Anything! Just rock the casbah, ok?

In support of this awesome event, I’m giving away a free copy of Cinematic Royalty! All you need to do is comment to be put in the drawing! *yay* Giveaways are so much fun! And you know what? I’ve got neat-o business cards and magnets too. So, if you guys want one of those, you can just let me know and I’ll send those out. I’m also making bookmarks REALLY REALLY soon. 😉 I’ll let you know of the status so that if you want to request those, I’ll totally send them out to you! *happy dance*

Hope you’re all having a splendiforous Monday. xoxo

4 responses to “Confession

  1. Oh I understand the burnout. I took some time off for myself these last couple of weeks. It was nice – I painted the bathroom, worked on stuff around the house. I just needed a break. I’m glad to hear you’re getting back to it. 🙂

    I started Sweating with Sven on Saturday and it really helped, too.

  2. It’s funny you bring this up I have been suffering from burnout and learned it is better to take a break then write through it. Even though I haven’t published anything I recently finished my first full book and began world building on the second one without a moment of pause.
    Last week I took a moment to breathe, catch up on readind and spending time with hubby. Now I am back in the saddle (sort to speak) and ready to go. Glad yours is getting over with as well!

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