Some people’s talent leaves me speechless. That goes with talent in any art form, really. Dance, music, writing, painting. Something about seeing something done with true talent leaves a lasting impression. Art, in it’s most raw form, is meant to trigger something within us, meant to touch a base part of our souls that cannot otherwise be reached.

For whatever reason, paintings have the same sort of impression on me emotionally as music. They make me feel things so deeply, trouble me, move me, in ways I cannot possibly explain. I stare at them for hours, think of them even after I’ve walked away. It’s why I love museums. Why I’m such a major geek for art history. And why DeviantArt is one of my favorite places in the whole internet world.

Today, I’ve decided to feature one of my favorite DA artists: Lady-Dementia.  She does a lot of conceptual work, and it does have a touch of macabre to it, but overall, the finished product is so impressive, that it leaves me speechless nearly every time. her use of color is simplistic, minimalist even, but striking. Her use of red is some of the best I’ve ever seen. And her ideas… well those are just mind boggling. She says sooo much with so little. This is one she put up only recently:

 The use of color and proportion is striking. The touch of fantasy is unexpected with the costume and the castle in the background. But more so, the pear connecting to the IV is what sends a fascinating message. Poison and medicine she says in her note. Interesting. I love the great attention to detail. The netting on the pair, that she uses almost as a leash. The way her shoes are pointed and curved in almost elf-like fashion. The needle in her garter! It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s absolutely riveting. Then there’s this picture, probably my very favorite of hers:

 I stared at this one for hours the first time. I couldn’t get past the way it made me feel. So much about it speaks to me. The model’s pose which exudes so much sadness, so much loneliness. The staircase, though old and elegant and adding to the fairytale appeal, makes me feel she’s headed toward something she doesn’t necessarily want. And her dress. Goodness her dress is pure magic. The way it creeps onto the ground almost like vines or tentacles. As though it could weld her to the very cement through force of will. Not to mention it goes with the very ‘shell-like’ look of her hair. This piece is just a fairytale turned topsy turvy. And we all know how much I love that! 😉   Either way click on her name to check out her gallery! You won’t be disappointed.

3 responses to “Awe-Struck

  1. I have to say she has some fantastic art. A few of the paintings have insipired a character or two for later thought.
    I veiw art as a means of escape much like books. A good artist can take me some place I have never been and the writer in me longs to tell the story. Thanks for sharing her site. I am a huge fan of devian art and have found some truely inspirational art there.
    PS on a side not I am so jealous of people who can paint with their hands. My good friend can and he always jokes how jealous he is that I can paint a picture with my words. Aw well we always want what we can’t have.
    Great post!

  2. Silly me … I was typing response and then went to follow a link and look at more pics and lost what I first wrote. In other words … amazing gallery.

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