Joys and Pains

I’m pretty out of it today. I got like no sleep last night. For a perfectly good reason! I managed to up my WIP count by like 6k! *does happy dance* It was just one of those nights where I knew so clearly in my head where it was going. I love nights like that. But they really do a number on my sleep patterns. Not to mention I had to be at the store to open today at 7am. *faints* Not good.

I managed, though. With a decent mood, to boot. Ha ha. Either way, I’m now more than halfway through my futuristic scifi romance! WOOHOO! Now if I can only get past my ‘plot climax anxiety’ I might be able to actually finish this thing.


Happy *late* hump day to all!

Art piece by: MelyannaM on DeviantArt.

One response to “Joys and Pains

  1. Congrats on your 6k!!! Isn’t that wonderful, those sessions like that. Oy, but it does do a number on your sleep. I could use a nap right now myself. Hang in there, Isabelle!

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