First Things First

I want to congratulate Sarai for being the winner of a free copy of Cinematic Royalty! Just drop me an email at isabelle at twistedfairytale dot net and I’ll be sure to send it to you!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did. Didn’t do much to speak of. Some cleaning, some reading. But overall, what I enjoyed most, was that I got to enjoy some true quality time with the hubby. I’m afraid the poor man is dreadfully neglected. Between our jobs, my writing, time with friends, hobbies and such, I don’t really feel I give him enough attention. Which is why I’ve made a new rule. Weekends will be for family.

During the week, the days are just too hectic to give much of myself. I find that I’m much sharper mentally due to work and the daily stimulation of being out of the house. With being up early, I can plot in my head, work out troublesome scenes, play with dialogue, all while serving coffee. I write on my lunch breaks, stay up a little late to work on edits or do challenges over at Romance Divas.

But on weekends, I’m wiped. And really, trying to do more writing on top of cleaning, time with the hubby and other miscellanious events (such as a wedding coming up this Saturday), it becomes overwhelming. For me, weekends would be better served as recharge time. Granted, some weekends will be slow. On those, I’ll write and consider it ‘bonus’ time. But mostly, I have to learn to set priorities and let everything fall into place. This way, I have a flexible schedule and can fit everything in without feeling guilty.

For example, I intend to wake up early tomorrow morning to work out. Why? Because my pants are getting tight and I complain a lot about it, but don’t do anything. Well NO MORE! I plan to do something about it. Waking up earlier means I’ll be getting to bed earlier. But that’s ok. I figure as long as I’m in bed every night by midnight, I can get at least five hours of sleep. Which means, on most nights, if things go smoothly I can actually get anywhere from 1-3 hours of writing time in. If I do that 5 days a week, I’m giving myself up to 15 hours a week. And if I’m focused, and doing challenges, (making the most of my time rather than procrastinating as usual) then I think I’ve succeeded!

What do you guys think? Crazy, huh? To hear me sounding all in charge. *ha ha* I feel powerful. 😉 What a rush!

Anyway, happy Monday all! Hope your week remains a positive one!

2 responses to “First Things First

  1. I made a decision this weekend that the nights hubby is off work (either during the week or weekends) are nights for us.
    He works shift work so this month he is off Wed and Thursdays. So those are two nights I will not write. I think you have the right idea spending time with family to recharge is what we all need from time to time. And setting up a schedule in advance helps us stick with it.
    Example: I am not a morning person I do not offically start thinking until 11 or after. So I get up go to work do mindless task, read over lunch, back to work, workout at 5 home by 6:30 cook dinner and I start writing about 8 and work until 10 or later. I am in bed by 11 or 11:30 at latest otherwise I am not functional until 1 in the afternoon and that throws everything out of whack!
    PS I sent ya my info! Can’t wait to read Cinematic Royalty!!! Thanks again!

  2. I didn’t do the ebook challenge this year either. I just haven’t had the time. 😦

    I seriously need to get my schedule in order. I read your post and it makes me realize how scattered I am. I spend entirely too much time on the computer, and I wish most of that was on writing, but it isn’t. 😦

    And as for jeans fitting too snug…ugh! I look back on the conference pictures and boy do I need to hit the exercise mat and start doing some situps. *sigh* I think I’d rather sort socks than exercise. ROFL!

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