Shopping with Isabelle- Episode 1

After work yesterday, the hubby and I hit up the mall. I’m going to a wedding on Saturday and I was looking to find a nice outfit to wear. I started searching through dresses first. I figured, a pretty dress would be the most appropriate thing. I found this one:

It looked nice enough, flattering in all the right places on my body. BUT, see the neckline? My boobs were like, hey how’s it going. Desperate and eager to be the center of attention. I figured, only the bride should do that on that day. The only solution would be to get a jacket of some sort. I didn’t want to do that since I knew I’d most likely be dancing. So, dress one is a no go.

Option 2:

This dress is cute, flirty, and delicate. Overall, it looked decent enough. My only issue with it were the straps. They look like bra straps, and are thin enough so that I’d have to wear a strapless bra underneath. Me and strapless bras don’t do too well. I like to know the girls are well supported. I know, I’m picky. But really, when you find the dress, you usually know.

I decided to try separates. A nice dress suit maybe? A pretty shirt and skirt? I found this:

Loved the color of the shirt… feminine, bold. A black skirt would be perfect!

Ah yes! Flirty, comfortable enough to take a few spins on the dance floor! YAY! I think I found my outfit! And what if it’s cold outside?

A simple, fitted black jacket that will make the fuschia of my shirt pop!

And that’s my shopping evening! Ha ha. Comfortable, elegant, and something I can rewear in pieces! Nice, huh? I’ve yet to get a pair of shoes or jewelry, but that’s coming Friday!

Thanks for watching shopping with Isabelle. *giggles* Will you join me again on Friday?

5 responses to “Shopping with Isabelle- Episode 1

  1. If you bought that fuchia shirt I’m coming to raid your closet!!! I LOVE your final choices. That said, I’m definitely a separates girl.

    Bring on more shopping! You’re doing shoes next, right? *puppy eyes*

  2. The outfit is really cute. I did like option 2, but I feel your strapless dilemma. I’m in my sisters wedding nexxt month and I need to find a strapless that willwork for me. 😀
    Have fun on your shoe shopping trip.
    Hugs, danette

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