Still, I love technology…

Yes I love technology, but not as much as you you see, but still I love technology, always and forever….

*snort* Oh Kip. I heart you.

In honor of the neat things made possible by today’s growing and changing technology, I am proud to present Freya’s Bower‘s inaugural podcast! Hosted by FB’s editor-in-chief, Marci Baun, there’s a candid and informative interview with the managing editor Faith Bicknell-Brown. Marci herself created the musical intro and it’s her voice on the track! 😀 I think that’s just awesome. Plus, it’s now available on iTunes! Can you believe it? Freya’s Bower on iTunes! That is just neat-o. Go here to be linked!

On a personal note, I’m working on several projects tonight. I have tomorrow off of work so I’ll do a few edits and maybe work on my futuristic sci-fi WIP if I don’t fall asleep. I got 45 minutes in at the gym of high intensity cardio, after an 8 hour work day. So I’m pretty wiped. Let’s hope I can make it for the long haul!

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