Reality TV

I’m not a big fan of it really. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I was one of those people who rolled her eyes at The Bachelor and Survivor. I was like, really? There’s no one interested in writing a drama or a sitcom? But, thinking about it, I guess I’d have to admit I have quite a few guilty pleasures.

Project Runway would be one of them. I’ve been watching it faithfully since the second season. It can get pretty cliche. But it doesn’t change the fact that the designers create some really pretty outfits that I’d kill to wear.

I’ve also been sucked in to other Bravo favorites. Top Chef. Make Me A Supermodel. *shakes head* I know. I’m ashamed of it.

But my biggest reality tv obsession is American Idol.

As a singer, I can totally appreciate what those people have to go through. I can’t imagine having to learn and perfect a song in a few days time and then perform it in front of all of America. That’s nerve wrecking enough, but then to have the judging panel rip you one if they hate it, that’s even worse. Of course I have my favorites, *cough* David Cook *cough*, but the comptetition is starting to get interesting. Anyone here watch AI who can obsess a little with me?

2 responses to “Reality TV

  1. Okay I have to say I am addicted to Project Runway I fell in love first season still think that was the best one. But I loved Romi and Christian’s designs. Oh who am I kidding Julian’s was good as well. Gawd I love that show! I gues what i am really saying is I’m in love with reality TV too but only certain shows 😉

  2. I haven’t seen much TV period unless you count Noggin or Nick Jr., so I kind of look at it like, “you get to watch something for grown ups? Anything you want? COOL!!” ^_^

    I hate to tell my kids, but their days are numbered. Battlestar galactica starts in April and that means some kidlets are going to have to find something else to do while Mimi-dear watches her show.

    Or else. LOL!

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