Playing Nurse

The hubby is really sick. *sigh* Poor chocolate bear has been really sick this year. I’m so concerned. He has a bad case of the flu and has been told by Dr. Man to stay home until Monday. Yesterday he was running a 103 fever. He was so delirious, he could hardly walk. So of course, I’ve taken to playing nurse. Making soup. Feeding him his meds. Making sure he walks around every few hours to avoid pneumonia or anything.

I’m also sleeping on the couch to try and avoid getting it. But I’m feeling the strain. I’m exhausted, achy, and starting to get stuffy, which worries me. Not to mention I have to be at work by 7am tomorrow. I need a vacation.

Either way, I’m watching American Idol, plan to make myself a snack and then fall asleep. I should try and write but my head’s just not in it tonight. What do you do when you just can’t motivate yourselves? Any suggestions? Cause I’m a little tired and feeling kinda blue.

2 responses to “Playing Nurse

  1. What I do is play around on the internet or play with a story idea that is not something I have to do. I play around with ideas make up stupid stories that make me feel better and then I turn my attention back to the main story.
    Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes i just have to do an hour of supernatural or project runway!
    Hope the hubby gets to feeling better the flu sucks. I had it couple of weeks ago.

  2. Isabelle, I just dropped by to check up on you and see how you’re doing. My goodness, I had no idea your bear is sick. I hope he is able to kick the flu very soon. 😦

    When you just can’t motivate yourself, hon, you need a break!
    Even writers need sick days. Take a few days off. ((hugs))

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