Writers Block?

Ever known what you had to write and the direction your story was going to take, but no matter how many ways you try and write the scene it just doesn’t seem to work? That’s the boat I’m currently in. I’ve written at least three versions of a very simple scene. It’s not even very long, it’s meant to set up the action that will take place in the scene immediately following it. It’s supposed to be foreboding and edgy, give the reader the sense that something bad is about to happen without outright stating it. And yet, despite how simple it all seems in my head, on PAPER it will NOT take shape!

*growls* I’m so cranky. I hate that. So, I think I’m going to take some time and do some reading and remind myself how other authors do it. Maybe then I won’t feel completely lost. I also made a playlist I’m going to just listen to on repeat and hope that it’ll inspire me. Sometimes, if I can just clear my mind and focus on nothing but the music playing, it’ll suddenly spark the scenes in full technicolor in my head. So let’s hope.

2 responses to “Writers Block?

  1. Writer’s block totally sucks! I had it for weeks and in the middle of a kick *ss story no less. But I think it is finally edging off. *fingers crossed* hope you and the hubby are doing better!

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