Tales of a Chronic Window Shopper

Today was payday. And the moment I looked at my paycheck I mentally calculated that most of it was already spent. Bills, a few personal products for the home and bath, and whatever straggling necessities have come up from hubby being sick. So… this left me pretty broke. (And in turn, rather sad.) After all, I had planned to buy ONE item on clearance from this online retailer I adore, every week. As a way to replace my oversized clothing (since I’ve lost weight since last year) and start dressing more… *professional*.

Sarai inspired today’s post. She had a drool-worthy pair of shoes on her blog and I thought: Maybe all must not be lost! Maybe I can window shop! And so… that is where this lovely story begins.

*Mind you, I have strange taste in clothing, so consider yourself warned. *

I’ve been leaning more and more toward vintage glam or goth lolita looks. I know, random, but that’s what I’ve been really into. Fads, maybe. But, I tend to like to piece together my looks and every once in a while, a piece will strike my eye that can play both parts. For starters, this jacket is vintage heaven.

It’s feminine and completely old school. It can be worn with straight leg jeans or black slacks. Boots or heels. I’d wear it with white gloves because darnit, it just looks like it deserves a good pair of gloves. But then if I really wanted to, I could completely spice it up with a good pair of Fishnet stockings. Fishnets go with everything. 😀

Of course, occassionally, I indulge in a completely unrealistic outfit. It’s window shopping right? No one said there were rules. Only problem is, where would I wear this dress?

I don’t have a garden where I can frolic. Although I wish I did. I’d have all sorts of trippy Alice in Wonderland moments I could write about. I have no particular photoshoots or gala’s to attend. Yet I can’t help but wish I could wear it. Like just because. To clean. To go to the supermarket. Think they’d look at me strange? Buying peaches in my gown? Overdressed maybe?! HA! Women once wore dresses like this all the time! I’d get a corset too, just for the experience. Maybe I can finally write that historical I’ve been talking about!

This dress right here, hits me right in my 40s-50s vintage heart.

It hugs all the right curves and it looks totally femme fatal. Like I could pull out a gun or a long cigarette holder if you blink the wrong way. And you won’t know which one it is until I’m lighting up or shooting you. 😀 Can’t help but love a woman of mystery.

Then again, every once in a while we just feel like being sexy Marilyn and doing the pouty lips and hair flip. Like on a summer day, with a glass of lemonade and a parasol. Or walking the boardwalk.

*dreamy sigh* Why can’t I win the lottery?

Ok, your turn ladies. What would be the ONE splurge you’d spend IF you could? POST AWAY!

In the meantime, have a wonderful, magical, shop-friendly weekend!

2 responses to “Tales of a Chronic Window Shopper

  1. IDK those dresses were hawt! I would buy a really expensive pair of shoes or better a pair I didn’t have to wait for clearance! One of these days I am going to get the shoes I want RIGHT NOW and not wait for 50% off.
    *sigh* if you win the lottery can you spot me a hundred for some shoes 😉

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