Work, Work, Work

After a long day at work, where I seemed to get progressively ill by the hour, I came home to do even MORE work. I’m working on writing/editing. It wouldn’t be so bad except I can hardly focus. I’m sleepy, achy, and feel like something major is coming on. 😦 I hope I don’t get sick. An entire week sleeping on the couch to avoid Chocolate Bear’s flu would be a waste. Not to mention, my backache would be for NOTHING. Bah. Stupid germs.

On another note, I’m feeling soooo bored with myself. I want to spunk up, spice up, do SOMETHING. Ever felt that way? Like you had to break the monotony somehow? Except the monotony isn’t necessarily the everyday routine, although that’s part of it, I mean physically. I want to dye my hair a color completely opposite from what it is now. I want to relax it and make it pin straight, or get really long extensions. I want a ‘ROGUE’ patch of blonde in my bangs or to get colored contacts. Ha ha. I need to do something. I’m feeling like a wilting flower.

Ok, I have to stop procrastinating. I’m going to go back to work. Hope everyone had a great Monday!

4 responses to “Work, Work, Work

  1. Thanks Karen! I’m bumming quite a bit about that. Surprisingly, the hubby has been even sicker, if you can believe it. And he hardly ever gets sick. It’s been a really tough winter for us. I’m glad it’s spring.

  2. Oh my I hope you get to feeling better! Being sick sucks this was the first year I acutally caught the flu in 5 whole years. It’s no fun.
    As far as changes I hear ya! I have been doing so much (not in life) but personally that I’m ready for something new (look wise) I dyed my hair darker and that worked for a while. Now I am lost thinking of getting the eyebrows re-shaped or something. when you figure it out let me know so I can steal an idea 😉

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