Picking Up (Not So) Good Vibrations

I have a secret I’m going to confess. I’m 1/4 empath. Ok, maybe that’s stretching the truth just a tiny bit, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but here’s the truth: I’m insanely sensitive to the feelings around me.

Truth be told, most people give off vibes. Negative, positive, frantic, calm; it all really depends on the personality. Overall, I’m able to tune out these emotional waves and not be affected by them much. However, there are times when they just about consume me.

Today, I realized something startling. You know how I was talking about how sick I felt? Well, wouldn’t you know, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of emotional stimuli! This morning, when I dragged my nauseous self out of bed and forced myself to get to work, despite feeling like I might be sick any moment, I caught a very distinct wave of something in the air. S-T-R-E-S-S. The body killer.

It’s no secret that stress causes all sorts of health concerns ranging from minor to very serious. Most people manage their stress best they can and move on. Sometimes, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, we get caught in an endless cycle and we just can’t break out.

For whatever reason, in the last week, I’ve noticed that many of the people I surround myself with (at work, my hubby, my best friend, myself even) are the victims of intense stress. How can we not be? We’re practically machines, living from one day to the next, trying to keep our lives in balance. It’s an impossible juggling act. We worry about money, about our families, our careers, things said in the past, things we might say in the future. Honestly, there are nights when I can’t even sleep because my brain will NOT stop processing the overload of information each new day brings.

As writers, I suppose we have it double hard. Our muses, fickle little creatures as they might be, are like a second voice in our heads. It’s hard enough to shut off inner-Isabelle, but to have to tell Muse and my characters to be quiet?! That’s something I’d never imagine! I want them to talk to me! So I can write! But then again, doesn’t that sometimes cause another stress entirely?!

What’s my point here? My point is that sometimes, we just have to stop, take a deep gulp of that fresh, crisp Spring air, and remind ourselves why we’re here. Everything we’re stressed about will still be there tomorrow. But what about today? Have you created a worth-while memory today? Laughed? Sung? Danced when no one was watching (or even if they were)?

We’ve got friends, family, people who love us cheering us on. We do what we love when we write. Create worlds that come from the depths of our souls. Truly, despite the never-ending spin of our Earth, it’s ok to yell STOP at the top of our lungs and take a moment to regather.

Tell me. Have you stopped to smell the roses today? Do so, I think you’ll find that you feel much more level-headed and inspired when you do.

Thanks to everyone who posted and sent well wishes regarding my health. Now that I know the cause of my aches and pains (accompanied by lack of sleep!- but that’s a whole other post), I’m going to work hard on managing my stress. Being sick isn’t going to make things any easier. So thanks ladies. Your friendship means a lot to me.

Today’s Featured Art: Kyena @ DeviantArt.

2 responses to “Picking Up (Not So) Good Vibrations

  1. There are days you do have to just stop and let it all go. I have to have those “mental health days” because you can and will run yourself down after a time.

    As for the brain not turning off at night when you go to bed – I can sympathize. I find, tho, it happens more often for me when there’s something financial going on. :S

  2. Things are tough all over. Fewer jobs, and overworked (and underpaid). Stress is getting to everyone. I’ve been suffering panic attacks lately. *sighs* I’ve been taking St. John’s Wort (in pills) and drinking chamolile teas at night.

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