Blast From the Past

I’m about to go to bed when I jump on Facebook to do a cleaning up. I get a ton of that vampire/slayer/zombie/mummy application things. I mean, really, can you blame me for avoiding Facebook like the plague? I’m always getting attacked by the undead. It’s not cool.

Anyway, I jumped on the Facebook of one of my old high school buddies. He used to do sound for our musical theatre shows. That’s what you did in my school. The cool kids (that’s right, you hear the modesty there? ROFL) did musical theatre. Kids in the hall said hi to us after seeing us on stage and we’d just smile and nod because 85% of the time, we had NO clue who they were. It was a funny kind of infamy, of the smallest sort. But it lasts a long time. I visited my high school two years after I’d graduated and believe it or not, they were still talking about our performances. Our shows were top notch and professional. It was like musical theatre boot camp and til this day it’s one of the things I’m most proud of.

Anyway, reason for the long story: I found a HILARIOUS picture of me in one of the productions. Once Upon a Mattress, the witty little story of the Princess and The Pea. Check it out. Tell me this isn’t the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen!

2 responses to “Blast From the Past

  1. How cute is that! I have a bunch of pictures that shall remained buried in my parent’s basement. Mine are not so cute! Big glasses extremely curly hair and frizz (not so adorable!)

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