Over 24 hours…

…and counting…

I’d like to quote the charming, ever so wonderful Miss Cora Zane for today’s post.

All I managed to do yesterday was stare helplessly at projects, my eyes glazing over because I couldn’t seem to gather enough brain cells to focus on any one thing for longer than two minutes.

Truer words have never been spoken, Miss Zane. That was me. All day yesterday. All night too. In fact, I didn’t sleep one wink. Not one minute or one second. I was up, mentally frazzled, high on a Latte and Excedrin the entire night.

Did I mention I had to open the store at 7am? Man, I was hyper like you wouldn’t believe. I spent the entire night with Sony V. (my laptop) on my bed in my PJs. I had Word open but words refused to form coherent sentences. So, by 1am I’d given up and settled on watching some movies on YouTube.

Ohhhh do I love that place. I watched North and South, the BBC series based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s book by the same name. It stars Richard Armitage who is all sorts of pretty and brooding. Very Mr. Darcy. I loved him.

It helps that he looked and sounded like Gerard Butler, who I’m also madly in love with. From what I understand Armitage also stars in BBC’s Robin Hood, which I’ve also wanted to see. (Man, I think BBC is my soulmate).

Either way, I hope that this watching of fascinating characters and plots will inspire me. If not, I’m in terrible trouble. But… bright side: tomorrow’s FRIDAY!

3 responses to “Over 24 hours…

  1. You can’t have the BBC b/c she is belongs to me she is my soul mate!! I love Robin Hood, Hex, North and South totally rocked my world. I even love Dr. Who and Life on Mars. Okay, okay so there isn’t a show I don’t watch ont he BBC!
    Try to get some sleep ;0) dream of John Thornton *sighing* I do.

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