The Girl Had Come Undone

He who hesitates is lost.

Truer words were never spoken. A few weeks back, plane tickets to Pittsburgh were about $89. Now, they’re up to $109. Sure, that’s only twenty dollars, but it’s twenty dollars each way, which is really $40 extra. Granted, that’s still a decent price (for someone trying to hop a plane to another state with only a week’s notice), but I just don’t have that kind of cash flow right now.

Argh! Stubborn woman! If’ I’d only bought the tickets when they were cheaper and not hesitated, I could have crashed one of the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention Parties… uh, I mean attended as someone’s honored guest. *evil snicker*

Maybe that’s what I get, for trying to crash a party I didn’t pay full price to attend. It’s really kind of silly to go all the way to Pittsburgh to go to a dinner party when I couldn’t shell out the necessary funds to do the entire workshop. But it sort of feels like missing prom. Not to mention, I had my eye set on that Ellora’s Cave Hollywood party. And all the cool kids will be there without me. *sniff*

I do have the time off of work, so I figured, I’d leave town for a while. Head into the city, visit family, maybe hop the subway and visit the museums. As I started to daydream about all the artifacts and paintings, my mind stumbled upon a genius idea… *be warned*

In order to make myself feel better, I’ll hold a little Extravaganza of my own. Start shopping ladies. Next week, from Wednesday-Friday, Twisted Fairytale is holding a ball. There will be three themed nights which means the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday NightMasque of the Red Death: In honor of Edgar Allan Poe (one of my favorite writers of all time). This masquerade is all about color. Be bold, be daring, be memorable. Remember, at a masquerade, mystery is the name of the game. It’s all about the details. Keep to the more traditional styles, with a dark twist. Think, Goblin Ball, from the awesome movie Labyrinth! (Come on, you all know how obsessed I am with that movie, why are you surprised?). Best costume of the night will be featured on the blog!

Thursday NightThrough the Looking Glass: Your favorite tales, turned upside down! Be creative! Sure Disney Princesses are fun, but so are lesser known tales. Who will be one of the Seven Dancing Princesses? Or Hansel and Gretel? Or the naked Emperor who thinks he has new clothes?! Ha ha. (If you plan on being the Emperor, just warn us first). I call dibs on the Queen of Hearts. 😀 Best costume featured on the blog!

Friday Night- Gods and Goddesses: Draw inspiration from mythology! Come in full costume and tell us a bit about yourself. What are your powers? What’s your story? Is it classic mythology or have you added a twist? Any lovers? If so, how many? 😉 I want to know! Most interesting tale featured on the blog!

I may also have a giveaway or two. Maybe some books or a giftcard. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll let you know as we get closer.

Feel free to spread the word! Anyone you know not going to the convention? Send them this way and we’ll party all night long. I plan on hiring a few of the Midnight Moon Cafe’s bartenders (if they’ll let me). 🙂

Speaking of MMC, they’ve awarded Twisted Fairytale with the Excellent Blog Award!!!!!

Isn’t that neat? Tempest, Cora, Cassandra: you ladies were the first to truly make me feel welcome in the blog-o-sphere. Your blog is a wealth of information, new books, new authors, shifter goodness, and of course, sexy males! Thanks for the shoutout and for always making me feel at home! *smooches*

I’ve blabbed long enough. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Grievances? On second thought, keep the grievances to yourselves. 😉

One response to “The Girl Had Come Undone

  1. Woot! Par-tay! ^_^ You know, I’m not going to the convention either. Ho hum. Tell me how you want me to flash my ball costume (I’m all about that sort of thing – check out my Wicked Temptation cover!) and I’ll be here with bells on.

    How you doing on your writing btw? Or are you still in edits?

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