Masque of the Red Death

*cues music*

Welcome one and all to Twisted Fairytale’s first e-gala!

I have primped and prepped all day in order to be in at my finest.

I admit, it’s exhausting to play hostess and to set the energy level, but I think I’m up for the challenge! So, let’s begin shall we?

I decided to change my costume color, (though not the style) because I felt it was much easier to accessorize with pink!

Along with matching pink pumps in Marie Antoinette fashion:

I’ve powdered my face, added my little mole, curled my hair and decided that as far as masks go, it would have to be as ornate and flashy as my outfit.

Of course a woman is never complete without jewelry.

I hope you’ve all outdone yourselves tonight. It’s all about decadence and mystery.

So *claps hands* let’s begin.

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