Back Home

I arrived back home last night after spending several days in upstate New York with my aunt and grandmother. After several really really tough weeks, I’d reached a breaking point and decided it was now or never. If I didn’t leave town, I was going to suffer a complete psychotic breakdown. Thankfully, the vacation came at just the right time.

CBear, always a good sport, called me every day, to see how I was doing. It’s strange to be apart from him for that long, but it was definitely a fun time. I meant to go and relax, maybe work on my edits, update some of my stories, but really, that rarely happens in the presence of my aunt.

Instead, we did late night karaoke, went out to eat at a really fancy little place (where she proceeded to get our waiter’s phone number and secure a date Monday night), followed by after hours Frangelico cordial with the owner of a nice little Italian restaurant- (if you’ve never had drinks in a restaurant when it’s closed, I assure you, it’s surreal. I swear, I wanted to write a scene that very second. I felt tres important). We watched movies, stayed up late, laughed until our sides hurt. It was a really great time.

We did two family dinners. One at my grandmother’s house and one at my aunt’s. My aunt is a chef, so she really pulls out all the stops and sets up the table and candles and drinks. I really love it. It enhances the dining experience threefold. My grandmother is old school Spanish (which is why I love the woman) and she set us up with some fried plantains and garlic mojito (CBear’s favorite).

Even amidst the craziness, I managed to edit chpts 5-6 of my book and get them back to my editor. I’m working on 7 as we speak. So overall, it was surprisingly productive. Ha ha.

I had today off of work, which was really for the best because I got to unwind. Tomorrow, it’s back to real life. I think I’m ready. Either way, I’m definitely feeling more like myself.

2 responses to “Back Home

  1. Oh wow…it sounds like you had a fabulous getaway. Frangelicos in a closed bar sounds awesome. Talk about an inspirational environment. I hope you do end up writing that scene.

    BTW, welcome home! 🙂

  2. Welcome back home! Sometimes the body and mind just ned a tiny vacation. I got mine last year in San Fran. This year I will sneak off to Seattle for a little R&R when my little cuz graduates from college (Geez I’m getting old!). The whole fam is coming in to wish him the best.
    I’m not sure how that will go as far as vacation but I plan to make the most of it!!!
    Glad you are back on track! My writing load seriously picked up and now the hubby is off in the evenings so that should be interesting ;0)

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