Wrapped in a Bow

I have a confession to make. One that might make you think differently of me. Are you ready?

I don’t like surprises. I know. That’s pretty terrible isn’t it? It’s mostly because I’m a party pooper and demand to be in control of things at all times. Ha ha. What? At least I can admit it. 😉

So, imagine my surprise when two days ago, while cleaning out  my inbox I found a little goodie. A Prologue, written for the second book of my fantasy series, which I’ve been having some trouble with. Now, normally, I’d toss it away as old news. I tend to write and rewrite until I ‘feel’ it. Because usually, a story demands a certain voice, a certain tone, and I don’t always get that right on the first try. I know this about myself. It’s why it took me four versions before I finally realized what had to be done with Book 1.

Now, Book 2… well Book 2 is much darker. MUCH darker. Even for me, and I tend to sometimes get into a strange head space. But after reading through that prologue, I realized, you know what? It HAS to be that way. I ‘ve been trying to do all these different things with the piece and I think that’s why it isn’t working! Can you imagine? All the time I had the answer sitting in my inbox! Ha ha.

To make matters even stranger, I don’t even remember writing it. It hardly sounded familiar. Plus, it was dated September 17th, of LAST YEAR! Ha ha. Interesting. A gift from the muse perhaps? 😉 I’d say so! Now I’m psyched to get to it!

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