The Night's a Perfect Shade of Dark Blue

My mind is in a million different places at once. There’s a voice speaking pretty loudly in my head, but she’s speaking muffled words I don’t really understand. I think the muse is trying to communicate with me but there’s some interference. Creative static? 😉 I don’t know. But I think tonight calls for the type of writing you do in an old, beat up journal, to the sound of the rain falling pitter-patter on the roof.

During the day, the rain might seem like an inconvenience, but at night, when it’s late and you’re crawled up under the covers, it’s kind of nice to hear it fall. Lulling, really. I’m looking forward to it. Maybe it’ll help put me in the right frame of mind. My heroine is actually very closely associated to the rain. Coincidence? I think not. The muse is definitely trying to tell me something. I just wish she’d use a language I understand.

On another note, I got some bookmarks that I ordered which I’m very excited about! The quality is great, and the paper stock is sturdy. I love them! I’ll be sending those out with gift packages and book giveaways and such. *mini squee!*

Hope you’ve all had a groovy Monday.

Image: Catching Rain by Philster22 at

5 responses to “The Night's a Perfect Shade of Dark Blue

  1. I love your pictures. It is really a treat to check your blog for the lovely pictures and of course writing ;0)
    I hate it when the muse is talking but not in a way I understand (like currently she ain’t helping with the WIP word count at all but she sure is laughing)
    Oh a side note I love the rain. Right now we are getting the monster storms in Kansas (the ones that bring tornadoes) but it’s worth it b/c the storms are wonderful to sleep to!

  2. Melissa, if anyone would recognize the title reference, I knew it’d be you! 😉

    Sarai, I’m such a sucker for art. I go around the net for HOURS (time better spent writing, cleaning, doing OTHER things) and collect folders worth of this stuff. I wish I was a photographer.

    Cora, I’m shipping them out with your book and my business cards!

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