Time Here All But Means Nothing

I wanted to just give you a heads up on the happenings of my short story with Membra Disjecta: Scattered Things.

Unfortunately, they’ve suffered some set backs due to a WordPress update (only fuels my conspiracy theory about WordPress- and solidifies my resolve to NEVER update), but they’ve been working tirelessly and promise it will be up shortly! Estimated date of arrival: Wednesday, April 30th. Also known as tomorrow! 😀 *crosses fingers*

If that is in fact the case, you are all in for some goodies. The issue is full to the brim with amazing stuff. I know cause I’ve peeked. Ha ha. I admit it. I have no willpower.

I do however come bearing a gift. A little image that will give you a ‘clue’ as to what my short story featured in the magazine is about. Remember, the theme for the issue is transformation:

Any takers? 😉

You’ll know soon enough!

Image by howlinghorse @ DeviantArt.com

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