How Long Have You Been 17?

I’ve made no qualms about the fact that I’m a total fangirl. I wear the title proudly, along with the usual *squee* and OMGs that accompany it. I get fangirl-ish over just about anything. Television shows (ohhh, Roswell, how I miss thee), movies (I can recite all of the lines in Princess Bride, in order, in character voices), even books.

Admittedly, being fangirl-ish over books is a new trend. Harry Potter made it okay to obsess over characters on a printed page. Twilight has thus enforced that obsession.

It is of the latter that I blog today. Twilight has taken the YA genre by storm. So big in fact, that it’s pushed Harry Potter off the best seller lists. It’s subsequent novels, New Moon, and Eclipse became more and more popular, until finally, Breaking Dawn, the final piece of Bella’s story, is being pre-ordered in stores across the country. Borders and many Barnes and Nobles stores are throwing parties, doing midnight proms, all in honor of its release. It’s hit phenomenon status.

So of course, in Harry Potter fashion, Hollywood decided to cut a piece of that pie. THANK GOODNESS. Because in total fangirl fashion, I present the teaser trailer, released today, for Twilight the Movie. YES, you read that correctly.

Turns out Catherine Hardwicke, director of movies like Lords of Dogtown and Thirteen, took on the project to be released December 12th of this year. Hold on to your hats, people. If this teaser is any indication, it’s going to have fangirls (teenagers and adult women alike) swooning.

Twilight in HD

3 responses to “How Long Have You Been 17?

  1. So I’m going to be one of those girls that isn’t into the movie b/c the book totally rocked and they will find a way to mess it up. Not to mention I don’t like who they’ve cast in the roles. So I will be passing on the 8 dollar tickets and moving on to the dollar show.
    I am however ordering Breaking Dawn. I didn’t care for Eclipse in fact I haven’t finished it due to Bella’s whinning and not listening to everyone b/c SHE NEEDS EDWARD, SHE LOVES EDWARD, SHE’LL DIE WITHOUT HIM OH THE HORROR.
    Makes me want to shout GROW UP.
    Whew sorry about that little rant. I am however, a fan girl of supernatural so feel free to bag on it.
    Cora TWILIGHT totally rocked the book was awesome and so was the second. Please, please, please ignore my rant b/c A LOT of people dug the third one too.

  2. Oh honey, people have been fangirling over characters in books for centuries. It’s just that now they do it en masse.

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