Dreams That Have Faded From View

Somehow, it’s Friday. I say somehow because it was just Monday. Like yesterday. Ha ha. I apologize for my disappearance blogfriends. Somehow, the week just got away from me. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I have been keeping tabs on your blogs. Sometimes leaving short comments. Sometimes meaning to go back to it with witty repartee (usually failing). If for whatever reason I neglected you, I apologize! I promise to catch up this weekend.

On my end, I think I’ve spent most of the week in a scatterbrained stupor. After I’m done with edits, I’m always in a strange creative limbo. I’m eager to work on a new project, (or an old project that I kicked to the side) yet my brain refuses to be productive. So I’m all revved up with nowhere to go, which as you can imagine is quite frustrating. The progress I’ve made on the WIP I’m focusing on can only be described as glacial. A paragraph a day, at most. I try to comfort myself into thinking that a paragraph is better than NOTHING. But knowing me and how fast I can work when focused, I laugh at the measly paragraphs. Most of them never end up making the final cut anyway *sigh* I wonder if there’s a lost paragraph heaven somewhere?

To ease the frustration of this strange and endless week, I’ve taken up a new book. Stephenie Meyer (who I go on and on quite frequently about here on this blog, it seems) has released her first adult sci-fi book, The Host. Of course I purchased it like the good fangirl I am.

I devoured it in two nights. The book is hearty and beautifully painted, as I expected. But it’s also simple in all the right ways. Meyer is an amazing storyteller. I simply can’t get enough of her writing style and characters. They’re all so vivid, so real, and I can’t help but care for them when the page is turned. If you’re a hard core sci-fi fan, you may find it kind of soft. She does admit it’s science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction. But either way, the story is great, the characters engaging, and the heart of the story, well heck, it beats right in your chest. Good stuff.

I’m off! Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

Image by Lady-Dementia @ DeviantArt.com

2 responses to “Dreams That Have Faded From View

  1. Good to hear it was a good read! I’ve been worrying, with all the hype. Heh. Hype always makes me nervous. LOL

  2. Hey girl, sounds like reading is just what you need. I get that feeling too after edits – it’s almost like your characters have up and abandoned you. Take the time to rest a bit. Your muse will come back. ((hugs))

    BTW, I will have to check out Stephanie Meyers. I haven’t heard of her, but science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction is my favorite kind. 😉

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