In The Night It Slips Away

I hate to do this, guys, but this is sort of a post and run. I’m on a tight schedule tonight. I worked until 6pm, and I have to open the store tomorrow at 7am, which means I only have a few hours to write before I have to pass out, uh, fall sleep. I don’t want to hit the hay too late, or tomorrow will be a nightmare. I’m sure you all understand. 😉

My schedule can be so frustrating sometimes. I mean, writing is my second part-time job, no matter how I may try to rationalize it as a hobby. I’m published, and I hope to find an agent and be represented, so it’s really gone past the hobby stage. Still, I miss those late nights where I wrote until 2am. Where I could knock out an entire chapter in one sitting. I’m lucky if I get a page or two done at a time now. And that’s on a good night! If I can focus! Most nights, I’m sitting in front of the television feeling BRAINDEAD. *sigh*

Ok, no more complaining. It’s back to work. What did you all do today? Come on, entertain me with some fun stories, anecdotes, what you’re reading, what you’re watching, ANYTHING. I’ll look at it when I start to procrastinate. 🙂

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