Frick, Frick, Frick

I have irrefutable proof that I tend to live in my own happy mental world a good 99.9% of the time and pay NO attention to what’s happening around me. Ready? This is going to knock your socks off.

So today at work, (I’ve mentioned that I work at a Barnes and Noble, correct? In the Cafe? Serving yummy coffee and scones to the general public? But I digress…) I was going about my business in the Cafe when one of the managers comes by for coffee. I go to ring her out and she says something about it having to be done a special way due to an event being held. The coffee was for the special guest.

I thought, neat. We always have special events at work. Craft days with the kids, story hour, midnight release parties (a la Harry Potter and now, the upcoming Breaking Dawn), and of course, book signings. You can’t have a bookstore and no book signings. That’d be like a pool with no water. Thing is, since we’re a little store, smaller and older than most of the B&N’s going up in other towns, we don’t get too many bigwigs from what I’ve seen. We’ve had a few local authors, a few lit authors, etc. I’m not complaining, just saying. Then again, I haven’t been there over a year, so what do I know?

The point of this long story is that today, we DID have special guest. Someone I actually knew. I admit (a bit shamefully) that I’ve never read one of her books myself, but I know lots of people who have and really enjoyed them. And she’s a name I readily recognize. She’s Debbie Macomber, New York Times Bestselling Romance author of over 60 books. And you want to hear the most embarrassing part about the whole thing? I didn’t know it was her until long after she left!!!

*sigh* Dude, I would have loved to meet her. To sit and talk to her for a moment. To ask her a few questions about publishing and about longetivity and keeping ideas fresh and all that. But, alas, I had no clue who she was. I didn’t recognize her. What’s worse, she didn’t look anything like in her pictures. Ha ha. Someone said that she admitted her book flap picture is over 10 years old!!!

So what lesson do we learn from this people? Keep your author pictures current so that your fans and potential readers recognize you in public! 😛 And readers, find out what authors actually look like so you can stalk approach them at conventions, booksignings, or heading into a restaurant. Just sayin’…

3 responses to “Frick, Frick, Frick

  1. Aw it’s too bad you missed her! She spoke at the 05 RWA conference in Reno and I found her very inspiring. My mom likes her books. I on the other hand, have never read them. Eeep.

  2. Oh My Gosh you work at B&N? I use to work at Boarders and Walden books but hubby said I had to quit since all my money was going into books *g* Of course not a lot has changed…

    Sidenote I plan to put your books in the mail ASAP (or like by the end of the week *g*)

  3. LOL @ the stalking at conventions. ^_^ I haven’t read her either, but I’ve seen a lot of her books at the library. I’ll have to check out her work sometime.

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