The Sweet Smell of Progress

Finally! A breakthrough! I’m proud to say I’ve written upwards of 2500 words today. *happy dance*

It’s about time. I’ve been stuck on 200-300 word days for weeks now. Sure, I was in the editing cave, which is most often that not, a perfectly legitimate excuse for my lack of creativity. Edits drain me. BUT… I didn’t give up working on my WIP this time, just took it easy and tried to shape it more in my head and on paper than on the actual document.And I think it worked. I had about 8 sheets of loose paper with several different versions of the scene I wanted to get done. I finally typed it up last night and showed it to a writing buddy. Something about it didn’t seem quite right. She agreed that something that it seemed stilted somehow. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the reason, but I knew it felt slightly off-character.

So, I slept on it. Mulled it over in dreamland and then again at work. And then I came home, opened the document and threw caution to the wind. Thanks to the awesome writing challenges over at Romance Divas, I got in a good three hours worth of writing. Granted, 2500 words in three hours isn’t’ really that much, but cut me some slack, will ya? I’m a slow writer. Ha ha.

Either way, I’m just glad to be writing again. My second round edits with FB are done. It has now gone to the proofers! *second happy dance* (wow, two in one post!) So, now it’s just a matter of waiting to hear back and then set a release date! In the meantime, I’m going to put all my attention back into my WIPs… one with personal edits, the other in just finishing the sucker. 🙂 Work, work, work. It never ends.

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