I’m almost ashamed to say I have nothing exciting to blog about today. What happened to the days of yesteryear when I had a million things to tell my journal? All juicy little tidbits of OMGteenage drama that felt like the be all and end all of the world? Now, the extent of my day was folding laundry, writing, and reading a chapter of a fanfic that has me salivating like I’m still in high school.

That’s right folks, I still read fanfiction. There’s a surprising amount of amazing writing going on in fandoms. It’s my gratuitous way to get my reading kick in for the day. I usually steer clear, mostly, because the lure to go back and write for a fandom is too great. Instant gratification, you know? Nothing like feedback to each and every chapter as you write it. It can be addictive. Like crack. So yea, usually steer clear. BUT, my website designer writes it and I *heart* her so I’ve been reading up on a piece she’s been posting. And it’s freaking amazing. Talk about sexual chemistry. She’s got it down.

The main characters do the whole love/hate thing perfectly, have done it since middle school, and grow up to be the most entertaining pair of messed up adults I’ve ever seen. The only way they even know how to interact is by fighting and the fighting is all some sort of sick foreplay. In the end, they end up hurting each other so much, you almost want to slap them both upside the head and tell them to do it already.

On a more relevant note, I did get another 1k or so done on my WIP today. Maybe tomorrow will see a strange, awesome, blog-worthy event that I can come and dazzle you all with. Maybe. 🙂

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