Music is my Boyfriend

I blame this post entirely on Karen Erickson, who posted the music video to an amazing song by the band, Death Cab for Cutie. Check them out, they’re pretty incredible.

It got me thinking about music to write to. I’m a HUGE advocate of story soundtracks. I put together entire playlists devoted to one book. Each book has its own mood, its own themes, so naturally, each would have its own set of songs to match that. I thought, for kicks, I’d share some of the goodies on my playlist for my current WIP.

What do you listen to when you’re telling an intergalactic love story set in the far off future between two stubborn, passionate people? Rock music. Duh. And a few instrumentals. 😉

WIP Soundtrack:

  • Lux Aeterna (Full Orchestral Remix) by Clint Mansell
  • O Verona (Reprise) from Romeo and Juliet v.2 Soundtrack
  • Evening on the Ground (Lillith’s Song) by Iron & Wine
  • Easily by Muse
  • Cadence of Her Last Breath by Nightwish
  • Connect the Dots by The Spill Canvas
  • Nara by E.S. Posthumus
  • Escape by Philip Glass
  • Time is Running Out by Muse
  • Anakin’s Dream from Revenge of the Sith Soundtrack

These are just a few examples. Maybe I’ll make a little video with them in the near future. 😉

In the meantime, enjoy this little video from Muse (one of my favorite new bands) for Time is Running Out. I thought it was appropriate, (seeing how heavily politics influenced my little futuristic story) that this video would take place in a war conference room. The round table actually reminded me of several scenes in my book. Minus the dancing. Though I wonder if I could make that work… ha ha. Kidding.

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