Playing Hostess

On Sunday, I had a little get together at my house. It was supposed to be four people (two couples) and my husband and I. Somehow, the shindig became 10 people, my hubby and I NOT included. So yea, 12 people at my place, and a tiny place it is.

I had the little window AC blowing full blast, but with that many people it got warm fast. I shot open the windows to get in that cool night air, but yea, our place doesn’t have great ventilation. So, I pulled out a fan or two. We played cards for a bit, talked, told stories. I showed off a few embarrassing yet entertaining photo albums. Then we settled in for a challenging game of Encore. Ever heard of it?

It’s a board game for musical enthusiasts (which my husband and I greatly consider ourselves). Ha ha. The rules, basically:

Teams compete to sing at least eight words from songs that include certain words in this musical board game. If your team succeeds, your opponents must try to do the same. Some special spaces (e.g. “Team vs. Single Player”) add variety. A nice feature is that you don’t need to know any particular style of music — any song is legal.

It’s a real ice breaker. People start singing, other people get all excited because some songs come out of the woodworks of time. It’s never just 8 words. We end up singing three verses and getting all distracted. Not to mention when you can only remember say 3 words of a song, but you KNOW you know it and it just WON’T get clear in your head! That’s the worst! Plus the strange Category section, where you can end up with something like: songs about fruit. ?? HUH? How are we supposed to challenge with that? After I like to Eat Apples and Bananas, how many more songs can there be? *snorts* You’d be surprised what a few people came up with.

All in all it was a lot of fun. More fun that I expected, seeing as how I have incredible hosting anxiety. Everything has to be perfect. The rooms spotless, the house in tip top shape. Then when they get here I’m always running from one group to the next to be sure they all have what they need. It’s usually so exhausting I can’t enjoy it. But this time around, it was fun and relaxed. We ordered pizza and sodas and had chips and Stop and Shop Oreo cake with vanilla ice cream (which is delicious, btw).  Simple times, great memories.

Now that the week is back in action, I worked yesterday. Then I got sidetracked by a new hobby of mine which I’ll talk about in more details in the coming days. I do have a scene I should be working on, which I might just get to. But I’m also reading a book which is calling my name. So we’ll see. 😉

I hope you’re all having a pleasant Tuesday!

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